Training and Development






Clinmark’s professionals have become experts in the area of clinical trials process optimization owing to a large number of conducted international research projects, audits and consulting services. We are keen to share our knowledge and experience with all those who wish to develop in this area. The offer that we created is addressed both to professionals who want to improve their skills, including R & D departments, as well as those who are taking their first steps in exploring the area of clinical research.




Our training and development programs are tailored to the needs of our clients and audience.




Our attendees are provided with maximum of practical knowledge based on a thorough understanding of clinical practice. We apply theoretical knowledge of ICH-GCP, regulatory and legal requirements to everyday practice. Therefore, trainees are faced with real problems and case studies while looking for optimal solutions with full help and guidance of our team. Furthermore, we focus on developing soft skills of trainees to ensure conscious and effective action and their continuous verification of beliefs and habits, which frequently hinder effective work and communication.

Clinmark Academy



Clinmark Academy is devoted to bring benefits for people who are starting their career paths in the field of clinical trials; the program is aimed at assistants or coordinators of clinical trials and helps to broaden their knowledge, as well as get professionally involved in this subject matter.


As part of the group training, we welcome people who are at different levels of their professional development. Beginners will gain basic knowledge and skills in the field of clinical research, learn about possible career paths, as well as requirements and regulations of clinical practice. More advanced professionals will have opportunity to develop in targeted and specifically tailored thematic trainings.


As part of group training we offer the following thematic sessions:


• Introduction to clinical trials


• ICH-GCP for Investigators and research site staff


• Monitoring of clinical trials for intermediate professionals


• Clinical trial management


• Efficiency in clinical trials conduct



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Training for Individuals



Companies that  wish to develop skills and competencies of their personnel will find Clinmark’s offer catering for their needs. We are keen to support the planning of participants’ training” maps”, adapting it to the needs of both the individual needs and the needs of any organization. Thus, we are dedicated to developing training and development programs enabling trainees to gain skills and tools based on individual needs, so that they are able to meet the growing demands of the market and the needs of their team, providing good results with the emphasis on efficiency in their projects. Due to high flexibility of Clinmark’s team, individual training path does not coincide with day-to-day  professional duties of trainees.


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Programs for Business



Based on the extensive consulting experience and knowledge gained during a vast number of audits, we have prepared a unique offer as a response to the growing need of support in functioning and development of clinical trial departments. The education and development programs are based on trials conducted by R & D in your company, guiding members of the team or the entire department through the development process, supporting standard training provided by the organization significantly streamlining skills and tools. Prior to implementation of individual programs, our experts identify the needs within a team, assess performance of monitors and recognize potential challenges in research sites. The duration of the program is adjusted to the needs and conditions. The program does not coincide with everyday tasks and does not lead to extended working hours.


In the course of a few months of regular meetings, participants can learn how to optimize the process of conducting research at every stage, learn to properly prioritize their duties and responsibilities, increase their efficiency during monitoring visits improving the skills essential to preparation of monitoring visit reports, problem solving in research sites and risk identification at an early stage of a project. Additionally, we will focus on improving participants communication skills in a remote working environment to achieve better results in off-site monitoring conditions and provide complete and timely delivery of eCRF data, as well as the highest quality of research, with a new perspective of more effective delivery in mind, while maintaining work-life balance. The principles of strategic leadership can improve managers’ leadership skills providing them with tools to effectively manage teams and deliver satisfactory results, at the same time maintain good relationship within a team. The ultimate benefit of the department could be achieving the comfort of inspection readiness.


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