Our Values


We apply individual approach to supporting both our professionals and business partners in their development, bringing out the full potential of people and their performance. Good and friendly relations within the team and with our customers are given utmost importance.

Our core values drive our daily performance, define our choices and business activities, therefore, first and foremost, we continuously focus on how our business partners and their patients can benefit from our day-to-day practice.

We believe that the desired results of our work would not be possible if it were not for the people who are our strength and asset.



Sharing knowledge and experience


The knowledge and experience that we have gained, benefits the entire environment in which we operate. We believe that through open communication with our partners, sharing knowledge and international experience, our teamas well as our partners can develop further and create better and more effective cooperation.




Passion and diligence are values that we incorporate in daily work, always bearing in mind the interests of clients, by providing them with accurate and reliable data, and the interests of patients by protecting their rights and health, and securing their safety – our priorities.





Quality cannot be compromised. The highest quality is our goal and a real challenge, which is why we put all the efforts to achieve results synonymous with professionalism. We continually set a high bar for ourselves in terms of requirements which results in maintaining very high standards of work. Therefore, our clients are provided with reliable data while patients have their rights fully respected and safety ensured.





Consciously maintaining a medium-sized structure of a company, we are able to quickly and efficiently adapt to both current trends and changes in the clinical research market skilfully addressing diverse requirements of our customers and non-standard challenges. Short decision-making path enable more flexibility and help us tailor our service to the needs of our business partners.




Our business activities are characterized by strong efforts to maintain cost-efficiency while maintaining the highest quality and customer satisfaction. With comprehensive knowledge, experience and a relatively simple structure we aspire to be a viable alternative to large CROs.