Clinmark inspires students

23 March , 2016

Clinmark promotes knowledge of Clinical Research among students and graduates of the Warsaw Medical University. We also support entering a job market of young people through offering internship programs.


A lecture entitled “Career in Clinical Trials” led by dr. Michał Ławniczak – Head of Project Management in Clinmark – at the Warsaw Medical University was held on March 16, 2016.


In addition to presenting basic knowledge on clinical trials, lecture provided practical advice and tips for planning and starting a career in this area. It also included a discussion on the prospects for the development of the clinical research market and its conditions in Poland and other EU countries. During the meeting many questions were asked regarding the practical topics related to the character of work and its scope in a study team from the perspective of CROs and pharmaceutical companies.


Interesting Question & Answer session was a great opportunity for the better understanding of needs of individuals interested in a career in clinical trials on one hand, and on the other hand to respond to participants questions on requirements of employers towards candidates or optimal ways to start an internship or work in the industry.


Spontaneous individual conversations took place after the lecture and Question & Answer session, showing significant interest in the subject of the lecture.